The most important bodybuilding tips

12th February 2014


9 Bodybuilding tips

As a natural bodybuilder you know you have to recruit all physical abilities to build a great physique .
It is also important that you use the most important ” tool ” brain .
How well you use your mind up if you get the body that you want it or you become another one of those undeveloped natural bodybuilders who mistakenly believe that without steroids can not.
Here are 9 tips that will develop mental strength needed to become a natural champion .

1 ) No more wasting energy thinking about what you could do if you use anabolic steroids . There is no reason for natural bodybuilders , to spend time reading and learning about what steroids do amazing things in the body of an athlete .
Instead , use your time learning what to do to build your body naturally.
If you can not give 5 names of steroids is well . Keep up the good work .

2) Do you consider yourself inferior to anyone.
You should not assume that you will be smaller or weaker athletes using steroids.
Do not give up before the fight .
Your genetic potential might make you to have more arm him or be stronger in squats .
Although it might look good , it may not reach their genetic potential .

3 ) Write in a journal goals that we have set .
You can not hit without target.
So you want to build a better body ?
What you want to improve and how exactly? Until you impose to get this?
Make a list as explicit .
For example, my arms measure 30 cm now and I want to reach 35 cm by the end of the year. Can I get this ” pulling harder ” for training biceps and triceps using heavier weights and eating better.
If you are really determined , every day will be just an opportunity to get closer to the target.
This will become more effective in practice.

4) Do not ever stop learning.
When you believe that you know enough , you will probably cease to grow , because you will not come up with anything new and innovative to stimulate progress .
Bodybuilding evolves. New training methods are discovered or old ones are refined and improved . Bodybuilders today are higher than those of yesterday, just because they have learned to practice better. You can benefit from this new knowledge . Do not get left behind .

5 ) Visualize success .
The mind is a ” tool ” very strong visualization technique to help you use it to its fullest potential .
Using this technique properly, you can train with better shape and motion can also use heavier weights . Viewing will prepare the mind to do everything possible to achieve the goal .
Envision controlled lifting bar during a workout for biceps . The bar is heavy , but a lift using perfect form . Repeat this scene over and over in your mind and see what happens to your workouts .

6 ) Plan your workout before going to the gym. Do not wait to get to the gym first decided there on the spot, what exercises you do for each group to be worked on that day.
Try to plan it the night before and plan in detail. Mental Pass all planned exercises several times . You will be amazed at how well prepared you will be for a great workout .
Do not let anyone to plan your place . Nobody wants your fervent as to progress and so nobody will be more careful as you. Assume 100% responsibility for progress and fight him to take place.

7 ) Shut up and train . If you are considering room discussions on different topics can not be fully focused on training.
To get the most from a workout , keep conversations to a minimum. Instead of talking , study hall your colleagues to learn from their example positive or negative.

8) Before each series , ask yourself, ” Exactly what I get from this exercise ? “
In this way you will definitely remember that execution is the correct style , strength and intensity needed to make it productive.
In doing so , the serial number , month by month , you’ll get incredible results .
You can apply this technique in other aspects of life .

9) Focus on using heavy loads . Heavy means big muscles . It is very important for a natural bodybuilder heavy use most of the time . We all can see the room sometimes genetically gifted guys who lift weights high. How can that guy be so strong and well developed ? Before imply negative guy uses steroids, take into account that he possessed a confidence level superior to others , a burning desire to succeed and a mental discipline worthy of your admiration . Uses the example of the move towards new horizons.